The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters

Welcome to gallery of anti-alcohol posters from soviet propaganda era.

Alcohol Ч enemy of production
The time for collective parties was to end long ago
Cause Ч drunkenness
Alcohol Ч enemy of mind
Don't be in the captivity of a nasty habit
Rich inner substance
This new dress becomes me well
Stop drunkenness
Profiteer is a worst enemy
Have mercy on your future child
It's not yet too late Ч Stop
We shall overcome drunkeness
Harmful to health, family and descendants
Had a glass, had another
To health!
Alcohol Ч active criminal accomplice
Vodka brings with it
Socially dangerous
These things have no place in our lives
Alcohol Ч pain of Nature
Without words
Final warning
Who's a smart guy, and who's a fool! One's got a book and the other's at the bar.
No mercy for hooligans!
These posters are for exhibition only and not for sale.

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© 1996Ч2015 Yuri Matrosovich